The Stepney Townhouse

Hiding down in the basement of the most handsome house you have probably ever seen, there is a simple Shaker kitchen that has set our hearts aflutter. The Mile End Road goes through a little area called Stepney in East London, it is the most diverse, lively and exciting place to be. But step inside this rather grand Georgian townhouse and you are immediately struck by the serenity this home exudes.

Paul and Michelle own this property, they bought it during lockdown and have just about completed what can only be described as an exquisite renovation. The colours, all the painstaking jobs and decisions have turned this house into room after room of immaculately curated and considered spaces.

We love our Shaker cupboards looking so totally at home in this historic house, the kitchen would always have been in the basement and naturally, it feels just right. No walls knocked down, no glass panelling or big open spaces, but individual rooms all with a special purpose.

This way of living has shown us that sometimes it is a good idea to keep your home as it was intended. Keeping the history alive in these rare and carefully protected houses is of paramount importance and for us, there are only positives from this way of living.

Standard Shaker cupboards painted in a bespoke colour, a sort of greeny brown that suits the room and the house so well. Softly translucent marble worktops that bounce the light around this moody atmospheric kitchen, and the prettiest Shaker prep table. A vintage baker's rack completes the kitchen, neatly stacked with hand thrown pottery and plates all collected and treasured by Paul and Michelle.

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