The Leicestershire Kitchen in the Woods

This simple deVOL Shaker Kitchen was tucked away in the Leicestershire countryside, yet the ambience and the interiors almost felt as if you were in rural France. The kitchen layout was very minimal, just eight Shaker base cupboards, no wall cupboards or shelves and a clever mix of old and new fittings and furniture throughout the room. The open base cupboards were the star of the kitchen, they were big and deep and held all the pots and pans in one easy to access spot and best of all, the beautiful copper kitchenware literally shone out from the dark.

This kitchen is a great example of how you can use Shaker modular cupboards to create so many different looks and they work for all budgets too. The couple who own this kitchen put their heart and soul into making their home really special, they didn’t throw money at it they worked really hard and used their style and wisdom to make it something that takes your breath away.

They chose to have deVOL Shaker cupboards because they wanted simple quality that would last and not date, they also loved the Pantry Blue paint colour and the deVOL brass fittings. The eight base cupboards, sink and brass fittings came to a very reasonable price and the worktops and taps were made on site using scaffolding planks and garden taps. So you see, you can have a really special kitchen that oozes style, luxury and quality that is made right here in Loughborough for a very affordable price, all you need is a little help from our designers

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