The Bond Street Shaker Showroom

Warm colours of umber and beautiful objects with a history create a feeling of homely comforts and a love of cooking. This kitchen was designed to show you how just the simplest of runs as a starting point can turn into a totally authentic and atmospheric kitchen when you choose the right combination of colours and styling.

We have used our wonderfully evocative Refectory Red on these Shaker cupboards, making them feel rich and comforting. A wall of panels and heritage glass was painted and then aged to give a feeling of time and allow sunlight to stream into even the darkest corners. This shadowy sunlight against the warm mellow yellow of the walls has given this room a beautiful ambience and cleverly turned a dark space into a peaceful and magical kitchen.

Wolf appliances are a must for people with a love of cooking and food and keeping them understated and integrated in this small kitchen allows the beauty and simplicity of the cupboards to take centre stage. Petite brassware from our handmade hardware range ensures nothing is too bold or showy, but having the glint of aged brass adds to the look of a room that has been around for decades.

The grand pantry is big but very in keeping with this type of room, allowing you to keep most of your pots and pans, food and crockery in one place, if you are lucky enough to have the space. Many kitchens in the Mediterranean would have a few cupboards and open shelves, a good solid stone worktop and then a big old cupboard, maybe generations old, to store almost everything else.

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