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An authentic collection of homewares and kitchen furniture reminiscent of when things were ‘made to last a lifetime' and nothing was throwaway.

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An authentic collection, inspired by Victorian kitchens

The Heirloom Collection is designed to be complimentary and used in conjunction with our Classic English kitchen furniture. The collection is made up of some very carefully considered pieces of furniture and accessories that are faithful to what would have originally been found in a country house kitchen during the Victorian period. Kitchens of this period were designed to be very practical and functional, in the days when cooking and food preparation were more labour intensive than they are now. Items that were stored in the kitchen were for the purposes of preparing or serving food and everything needed to be close to hand.

The Heirloom furniture is a departure from conventional modern kitchens and goes further to recreate a more historically accurate and authentic feel. This is not just the application of period mouldings to a conventional kitchen it is a completely new approach to how a kitchen should be designed. The open nature and large scale of the furniture in this range challenges what we normally want from a kitchen and embraces the idea of a kitchen being a working space to be used in a traditional way.

Appliances can be incorporated but should be minimized and this is certainly not a look to be combined with integrated coffee machines and eye-level ovens. Some compromises will have to be made with the Heirloom Collection in terms of the types of storage and the way you use your kitchen. However, if this approach is embraced, the space created is a lovely place to spend time and is perfectly suited for being a social hub.

Many of the inspirations for the Heirloom Collection have been taken from original kitchens, in particular, those at Lanhydrock House in Cornwall, which still retains its original kitchens, pantries and dairies, virtually untouched since the 1880s. We were inspired by the function and beauty of the furniture and the way the spaces were designed and that is the feeling we want to create in our showrooms and customers houses.


All of our Heirloom furniture is handmade by experienced cabinet-makers in our Leicestershire workshops. Quality hardwood throughout and broad planked fascias assure strength and longevity. Heirloom accessories are also handmade in our metal and ceramics workshops.


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