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The Brass Ventilation Grille

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A traditional Victorian gadget, this little brass grille allows air to flow through your pantry doors or backboards, keeping food and dry goods fresh and cool. We looked at lots of old French designs and came up with a very simple round vent which really does work, but the best thing is, it looks so pretty and transforms the inside or outside of your new or old pantry cupboard.

You can use the single-sided grille for the backboards of a cupboard and the double-sided grille for the doors. There is brass mesh behind each vent to stop flies and bugs from getting through the patterned cutouts. 

The vents are made in our Heirloom Brass finish so they match with all our other hardware, however, they are such a unique item we think they would work with any material choices and love the idea of adding them to an existing or vintage piece just to give it a little understated shine. It's these little additions to a room that really make a difference, we love beautifully made traditional and practical things that make you smile and work the old-fashioned way.