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The Sebastian Cox Kitchen by deVOL

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deVOL Kitchens have collaborated with the young and very talented designer and wood man, Sebastian Cox, on this award-winning kitchen range.

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This design is a mix of everything that both Sebastian and deVOL are passionate about. It’s a culmination of good taste, modern innovation, traditional techniques and true inspiration. You can expect an understated classic with the use of sawn and woven timbers and a little splash of copper.

Sebastian already has an impressive resume, working on projects with Terence Conran and the uber stylish home store Heals.

The new range is called ‘The Sebastian Cox Kitchen’ by deVOL, its look is easily described as urban rustic and focuses on utilising sustainable British timbers.

deVOL are renowned designers and makers, we specialise in handmade English furniture, a beautifully considered mix of classic and contemporary design. Over the years we have become internationally recognised as one of the leading design led British Kitchen Companies in the UK.

Using only sustainable timbers, which have all been grown here in England was very important to us when designing this range. The Sebastian Cox Kitchen is a design that completely utilises British grown timbers, the result is timeless and classic, a kitchen we know will stand the test of time. With birch plywood carcases, doors made from sustainable timbers such as beech and ash and the incorporation of beautiful and delicate woven panels, we have created a beautiful kitchen using timbers which are very often overlooked.

We have always encouraged our clients to ask the question: ‘Where is it made?’ and then check for themselves. It is important to know what you are buying and who you are supporting. Sebastian shares deVOL’s love for British made products, in fact, this ethos is at the very heart of Sebastian’s company, which made the manufacturing process a true pleasure.

We have made very careful and thoughtful choices to ensure that the details and finishing touches on The Sebastian Cox Kitchen look just right, staying true to our philosophy of a simple and understated style.

We chose to launch the kitchen in a beautiful inky blue/black dye, which stains the wood rather than laying on top of it like a paint. We love how this allows the texture of the wood to stay visible and gives the furniture a tactile finish.

The use of a lovely big piece of solid oak for the worktops, woven beech panels and subtle copper hardware makes for a very stylish kitchen.

Paul O’Leary, founder of deVOL, says: “The Sebastian Cox kitchen by deVOL is a true collaboration, where the design is driven by the ethos of both partners. It just had to have some woven coppiced panels, but there is a conflict of practicality and taste here. We know our clients and some things are just too much of a stretch away from their comfort zone. Woven doors looked twiggy, bathroomy, Japanesey and hard to clean. Pristine woven beech with broad verticals, used as the back panel on glazed cabinets however, made the statement we were looking for, with none of the negatives. The doors also feel like a triumph, where the tendencies of the material govern every feature of the construction and lead to a design that looks right because it makes sense. We have come to think of this look as Urban Rustic; it brings a little bit of woodland into the city, with some style.”

Sebastian Cox says: “The whole kitchen is designed to look like it breathes. Together we’ve created something that feels clean, simple and light but is brimming with subtle texture to keep the choice of material front of mind. And as you’d expect from a piece of deVOL design, it is immaculately made with really charming details; the doors use very beautiful sliding dovetails that are visible on the inside.”

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