The St John's Square Townhouse

A Regency London townhouse with original features, high ceilings and more character than seems fair, this deVOL showroom in historic St. John’s Square, Clerkenwell is a special place and needed to be decorated and styled with care. 

The Sebastian Cox Kitchen range doesn’t seem at first glance to be the best choice for this house, but we needed a display so had to come up with a workable kitchen from this range. To our relief and amazement, the Sebastian Cox cupboards in all their cool rustic glory just took up the challenge beautifully and the room became a glamorous and glittering kitchen with real credibility and a suitable style to work within a period property.

We decided to introduce a new tint that would work well with the existing colours in the house, so taking the Clerkenwell Blue from our Real Shaker range we tried it and it looked just the part, so a new colour was born. We have used copper worktops in our Sebastian Cox Kitchens many times before and know they look great so we went for a full-length copper worktop with seamlessly integrated copper sink, creating a full run of matt coloured copper with a beautifully aged patina, a little bit of sparkle but nothing too brash. This copper is also continued on the back walls in between the heavily moulded windows to create a practical and bold splashback. The use of all this copper was to create a more dramatic and reflective feel to a shady room that needed something grand to give it gravitas. 

We opted for a London Glazed Wall Cupboard from our Shaker range instead of using the woven glazed cupboards from the Sebastian Cox range, although they are quite beautiful and light and airy in their construction we felt this room needed a more substantial cupboard. The two quite different style of cupboards worked perfectly giving everyone the opportunity to mix and match deVOL cupboards to create a really unique kitchen in their own home whatever the age and style of property.