Oils & Paints

Haberdasher’s cupboards are good at creating a space that feels really authentic and full of character, whether it’s a kitchen, dining room or even a library. We’ve picked a selection of finishes with exactly this in mind and they really do look like the real thing. Each colour works well alone or you can use a few of them together. In fact, we would highly recommend using a contrasting combination if you plan on having an island in your kitchen.

From top to bottom, we have Haberdasher’s Oak, followed by Sheer Stocking White. These two options are one-coat tinted oils that give a lovely natural oak finish and they are both really easy to look after. It’s just one simple coat which doesn’t leave an overlap so if you ever need to patch up an area that’s been scuffed by the dog or a rampaging child then it’s no problem at all! Next we have our painted finishes, Bobbin Black, Storefront Green and Laundry White. These water-based paints have a satin sheen and are all unique deVOL colours, applied by hand and slightly distressed to pick out little flashes of the natural oak underneath.