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Bentwood Café Chair

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Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes there is something that just cannot be bettered.

It almost never happens, but when it does, oh what a joy it is. Enabling you to be so sure of your choice that it doesn’t require any thought. The bentwood café chair is one of those ubiquitous items that is everywhere but you never even noticed it. So rooted in café culture and so iconic in shape, yet also so humble and almost too simple to seem desirable. But oh how desirable they are, how easily they will fit into every type of décor inside or out and how perfect they absolutely always look, no exceptions!

That is why we had to source and start selling these chairs rather than relying on vintage finds and eBay hunts. The darkest wood and a woven seat for extra comfy sitting, this is the combination we love the most and feel is the most original and versatile. These chairs are made in Poland in one of the many factories where the original Thonet Bentwood chair was made. It has become the most popular chair in the history of furniture.

You may want just two, tucked in a little corner of the room, wrapped around a bistro table or you may need six all sitting in a shapely row. Whatever you require you can be happy knowing they always, most always, look just right.