The Peg Leg Table

Unavailable to order online

Please send an email to usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com if you are interested in placing an order.

Unavailable to order online


The Peg Leg table is assembled without any glue. The legs simply slot onto the table apron and are each fastened with a single bolt and domed nut. The unusual ‘split’ leg joint is incredibly strong and we thought it resembled a traditional wooden peg, hence the name. This table is supplied assembled but can be delivered flat-pack if required. Bespoke sizes are also available.

Six Seater: w 86 5/8"   h 30 3/8"   d 36"

Eight Seater: w 94 1/2"   h 30 3/8"   d 36"

four bolts, no glue, super rigid, by deVOL

When we set out to design this table we wanted to focus our ideas around one specific problem: could we make a stylish oak table which could be flat-packed, simple to assemble and strong enough to not require any glue? The answer to that question is the Peg Leg Table - named after its incredibly strong ‘split’ leg joint which resembles a traditional wooden peg. These legs simply slot onto the table rail and are each fastened with a single bolt and domed nut. The split leg joint is a super solution to rigid construction without glue.
The table top features a wide chamfer along its length on the top and bottom faces and, like the legs and rails, it is machined from solid oak. Oak is a natural choice with our customers as their homes often have an association with this timber. Customers trust oak and they know its durability and they trust in its properties.
The split in the legs is band sawn with a slight wedge. A whippier timber could possibly do this with a straight cut, but as oak is more rigid, the wedge shaped split ensures the outside edges remain reasonably parallel. It’s a brilliant design feature, dreamt up by our Product Development Manager, Ben Creed, and we haven’t seen anything else quite like it! Our Peg Leg Tables are made to order in our Leciestershire workshops. They’re currently unavailable to order online so please send an email to usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com if you’re interested in placing an order or to find out more.