A Hampton Wick Townhouse

The moment you step inside this kitchen, you are struck by the beautiful light, and the original full height doors and shutters leading into a leafy green garden.

The layout of the kitchen has considered all the original features, such as high ceilings and heavy cornice and worked with them, allowing them to shine and give character to the room. It is so nice to see respect for the bones of a building and not always feel the need to fill every space and knock down every wall.

Having an island with a sink allows the middle of the room to be the focal point and gives views out to the garden and the dining area without taking up precious wall space. The island has a small seating area at the end which is neat, practical and made extra special with a small section of copper to distinguish it from the prep areas. The range cooker fits perfectly in the chimney breast and the sympathetically fitted alcove cupboards are glazed to bounce light and reflection in the darkest spots of this room. The opposite wall has a bank of fitted cupboards that houses everything else, a fridge, freezer and pantry, such a simple, yet really extensive run.

The contrasting colours of the furniture and walls is dramatic but so in keeping with a period house like this. We particularly liked seeing our Bakehouse Green emulsion on the walls, its deep rich colour is bold and strong but somehow still manages to be soft and inviting.

This kitchen has really grown on us, on first impressions it seems a simple affair, but the more you look, the more you see how this is what makes it timeless and completely understated. Sometimes this is a difficult thing to achieve when you are keen to make an impression but being subtle and choosing just the right colours and cupboards is such an art.

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