An Edwardian Villa in Cardiff

This delightfully simple kitchen and scullery is a little nostalgic. For any of you who remember deVOL in the early days, this kitchen in Cardiff is much more how our kitchens used to look. A little more freestanding, not too much adornment and an enviable restraint when it comes to decorations.

Kitchen furniture, painted and arranged in a sensible and appealing way, not too many cupboards and a little island in the middle, just because. This house has been renovated to look like it hasn’t been renovated, if you know what I mean. Everything has been put back to how it might have been or how it was, the doors and flooring are reclaimed but you wouldn’t know they weren’t original. The beautiful quarry tiles in the scullery are from our sister company Floors of Stone, they are a triumph of a tile, and if laid carefully they are completely authentic.

The soft Trinity Blue paint is from our Shaker range, it’s subtle and calming and a little reminiscent of a kitchen from long ago. The island has a bespoke aged copper worktop, you may be able to see a little glimmer from the window reflection. The wall of shelves and brass hanging rails keep the room feeling light and airy and make the very most of the high ceilings and sash window by allowing them to shine through as the real beauty of the room.

The transition from scullery to kitchen and then into the dining area is quite lovely in this house, a subtle change in flooring but nothing too bold or different. A selection of very cool house plants in old terracotta pots, a vintage dining table and a full on fridge pantry in a wonderfully handy little alcove in the dining area.

We always love a bit of simplicity here at deVOL, just good old fashioned decisions and an acknowledgement that when something is made well and designed well it will always look good.

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