A Georgian Apartment in Bath

Bath is a beautifully historic, and very famous city, renowned for its glamorous Georgian architecture and wonderfully grand, curving crescents. In the South West of England, in the greens hills of Somerset, its warm honey-coloured stone houses and wide streets lined with imposing terraces is probably one of the country’s most desirable places to live. The obvious choice, if you were lucky enough to live in one of these properties, would be to fill such an historic and light-filled home with antiques and period furniture and that would be a perfect choice.

Rosa Park and her husband Rich, the founders of the quintessential journal ‘Cereal’, have taken a more contemporary approach. Known for their simple, subtle toned style and clean neat lines, they have renovated and filled their home with a wonderfully curated collection of antiques, art, contemporary ceramics and a deVOL Kitchen.

A galley kitchen with a view through the most beautiful window onto the streets of Bath, this deVOL Kitchen is soft and warm, it is filled with light and the merest suggestion of styling. Painted knobs, a couple of Shaker shelves and a small spot to sit under the window. We don’t see so many wall cupboards these days, people tend to prefer open storage or shelving but when space is tight and you need to hide away your daily clutter, a wall cupboard or two is still a good option. Rosa and Rich managed to get the balance right, storage, wall cupboards, a little open space and a clutter-free room. It’s easy to make a room like this feel dark and long but with careful colours and a great layout, this room still feels spacious and airy with plenty of room to move around easily.

Rosa and Rich travel extensively for their jobs, they have worked all over the world and lived in other continents, so settling in Bath and choosing deVOL cupboards was a proud moment for us. Coming up with a galley kitchen that works so well is another treat, between us this is the benchmark of good design for people who have long, slim or galley style kitchens to refer to.

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