The Chipping Norton Kitchen

Some kitchens are subtle and understated and some hit you with their personality, maybe it’s like owners and their dogs, but instead of looking like your kitchen your kitchen takes on your personality. The family that lived here must have been super fun and super stylish because this Shaker kitchen is so vibrant and happy.

Printer's Black cupboards, vintage pieces, Aged Brass Hanging Rails, Boho Cup Handles, a copper sink and San Simone quartzite worktops, all these ideas were taken from our Millhouse Printer's Black kitchen. We love to see our ideas and our showrooms suddenly turning up in peoples' homes, it’s what we do, we have an idea, we design a room and then hope everyone will love it and take some, or all, of the parts of it and create their own unique deVOL Kitchen. As we design, make and introduce new accessories such as stools and brassware into our kitchens, it makes the kitchens become special and original. When we want a look we can make it happen even if it doesn’t yet exist, like the Boho Cup Handles, they add such a fun and unusual look to your Shaker kitchen.

The greenery in this kitchen is such a statement and because the windows are up high it gives the feeling of a jungle-like underground hideaway, simply stunning. This house was built from beautiful soft pale Cotswold stone, the garden was so, so pretty and the rest of the house was like stepping into a very glamorous glossy magazine, just perfect in every way. We love this kitchen because it showcases so many parts of deVOL that you can’t get anywhere else, but we always remember that it’s the customers that make the kitchen into a home and a place worthy of photographing because of their personal tastes and styles.

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