The South Wing Kitchen

Making up most of a country estate in Hertfordshire with views of their private lake and magnificent original features, this house was a real treat to visit. The family who lived here had made such simple and stylish choices and kept everything very minimal. The kitchen was moved from the front to the back of the property to make the most of the fabulous views and access directly into the garden through grand and original French doors. The high ceilings, the coving and the architrave around the room was really something special, so choosing a simple kitchen layout that didn’t distract from these features was a great choice.

A chimney breast was made to house the understated cooker which required a bespoke company to take casts of the original coving and re-make it so it could continue over the new chimney breast. A lot of work but making a feature of the chimney was in keeping with the style of the room and definitely worth the effort. The Trinity Blue paint colour worked perfectly, soft, muted and elegant against the pale walls and worktops, this colour is proving to be a classic choice and always looks fresh but not too fashionable. The big pantry cupboard on the end wall housed the fridge and freezer and our Shaker pantry with cold slab, drawers and spice racks. Wall cupboards were not needed, there was plenty of storage in a separate pantry in another part of the house for laundry and additional kitchen storage. The minimal amount of cupboards was really what made this room look so perfect, the beauty of the architecture, the views and the simplicity of styling was unexpected and calming, it really was a special place.

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