The Yellow Room, Bath

This room is like walking into a sunny day. Soft blush pink and a warm yellow seemed the perfect combination to welcome customers into our new Bath showroom. The reception area is designed to put you at ease and make you feel calm and cosseted. A soft leather chair, a few beautiful old pots from faraway places and a very pretty cobbled-together, vintage curtain are a little introduction to our new showroom.

We designed a very large dresser in our new Shaker colour, Princelet Pink, and filled it full of weird and wonderful old papier-mâché mushrooms. The idea is to show how well our furniture works in other rooms, not just kitchens. Having a large dresser in your hallway is very traditional and as our furniture is freestanding, it really can go anywhere. The Classic prep table is a lovely spot for our designers to work and greet visitors, this entrance has been made to feel not only warm, welcoming and un-kitchen-like, but it is also very practical.

The highlights of our new showroom are most certainly the extraordinary light and the proportions of the rooms, two features that without doubt are what make this place so wonderfully atmospheric and authentic. The other feature which we were less aware of in the beginning is the floor, it certainly took some care and work, but it has been brought back to life and literally shines throughout the showroom, showing us and our customers the huge importance of a good, solid, understated floor as the backdrop to your home.