The Osgathorpe Kitchen

The large family kitchen in this Leicestershire hall has a very freestanding feel, with just five pieces of furniture making up the entire kitchen; all beautifully proportioned, substantial Classic cupboards without unattractive appliances on show. We love to show our customers that kitchens are far more appealing and really do work perfectly without magic corners, wine racks and pull out metal storage units. There is nothing to go wrong, nothing to get tired of and nothing to go out of fashion.

Many of our clients live in Georgian and Victorian houses and our Classic furniture perfectly complements these traditional interiors. To keep an authentic look we will always design cabinets to integrate your favourite appliances behind closed doors. The large blue closed larder in this kitchen houses all the family's food and crockery. There are spice racks on the back of some of the doors with space for a small microwave and coffee machine in the upper cupboards. The family who live here have horses and dogs and the simple spacious feel of this room was so much more in keeping with this kind of lifestyle than a fitted design. Everything in the Classic range is built to last a lifetime and the more it is used the better it looks.