The Twickenham Kitchen

Simple, stylish and very distinctive, that’s the feeling we got when walking into this very impressive home perched above the River Thames in Twickenham.

Dark muddy colours on Classic English cupboards, thick Belgian Blue limestone and tiny hints of copper and brass. The colours were the key here, they are what create the atmosphere and exclusivity this room exudes.

The shape of this room could have been difficult, but on the contrary, it's what gave it personality. Our bespoke Classic cupboards and a very pared-back layout, paying particular attention to not only colour but texture, made everything feel so totally at home in this space. 

Along with our Classic cupboards, there is a substantial collection of deVOL accessories and a little nod to Haberdasher’s and Heirloom furniture that, when mixed together, create a very individual look.

The kitchen is fitted in the back of a beautifully proportioned room that works as a dining and living room too. The light pours in from the floor-to-ceiling doors at the back of the house, giving the space a soft and atmospheric feel.

The Classic island and deVOL Pot Hanger are the centrepiece of the kitchen, with the Lacanche cooker and richly stained Heirloom Plate Rack sitting on an angle on the side wall. All the food and refrigeration are stored in the triple-doored pantry cupboard, avoiding the need for much more wall storage.

The bar area around the original fireplace is made up of a reeded glass Haberdasher’s wall cupboard and a tall glazed unit, both of which straddle the kitchen and dining area to create a very carefully curated room.

As always, it is the period details, the ceiling heights and the impeccable taste of our customers that make this a special kitchen. Being adventurous and using your imagination to create your very own take on deVOL, and all it has to offer, is when a room becomes not just another kitchen, but something very memorable and timeless.

Along the corridor from the Classic English kitchen, sits the laundry room. Scullery Yellow Shaker cupboards encased in a clever and very practical glazed room. The customers took the corner of a large lobby area and made it into a really functional space. The glazing allows this room to be full of light even though it doesn’t have any windows. As we always say, you can often find a little cubbyhole or an alcove and create another room, it’s the best feeling to find you have suddenly added purpose to what may have looked like an unusable space.