The South Downs House

What a joy to be able to have all your messy jobs and dirty boots in a dedicated place, boot rooms are definitely the room of the moment. Add a utility sink and you have a really useful, hardworking room. So our Classic furniture is perfect; strong hardwood that can take a bit of a knock, good solid doors and drawers that will stand up to constant use. This type of functional room has become really popular again and when simply designed they can take so much clutter and mess out of your kitchen, they really are worth considering.

The simple and very classic sink cabinet in this room was neat and unobtrusive, but full of open and closed storage - it looks like the perfect place to wash the dog or pot up a geranium or two, even with your boots on. The bench seat and coat hooks just make life so much easier, everything has a place and there is always a little cupboard to hide away those gardening shoes and old trainers that you always want to throw out but can't bring yourself to.

This room has been given a luxurious feel with beautiful textiles and soft colours, so although it's a working space it feels comfortable. The freestanding cupboard hides such things as ironing boards and hoovers and furnishes the room in a glamorous but really functional way. This utility room will get lots of use, directly outside the door is a beautiful wooden greenhouse and an uninterrupted view of the South Downs - what a place to do your chores.