The Frome Kitchen

What a wonderful part of the country; Somerset, Frome and the area around Glastonbury. Beautifully light coloured stone houses, intricate detailing on the buildings, really stylish and interesting shops, restaurants and fabulous scenery. It’s certainly a part of the country that is tempting people out of London, cool countryside is definitely the choice for many people wanting a slower pace of life but not wanting to miss out.

Pearl Lowe and her husband Danny Goffey moved to Somerset from Primrose Hill, bought an absolute fairy tale of a home and chose to have a deVOL Kitchen, mixing Classic and Shaker cupboards to create a really special family room. Pearl showed us around her home and every room in their rambling house was a total delight. She has collections of the most beautiful vintage lace draped up at the windows just adding to the chic, edgy, but romantic feel of her home. With a little help from deVOL, Pearl had a vision for her kitchen and her experience and individual choices have come together to make a room that feels homely, sophisticated and original. The mix of colours, glazed cupboards and bold marble are such a triumph that this room is quickly becoming iconic, people have huge respect for Pearl and her innate style.

The cupboards are the basis for this kitchen, they are grand and well-proportioned and work so well with the high ceilings and fabulous plaster details. This kitchen is hardworking, Pearl and Danny have a big family, they entertain, they cook and they hang out in this space. They have chosen really good appliances, a big double sink and two cooking areas. This makes it all work perfectly, but to make it feel like their home they have filled it with such delightful things: family photographs, very cool and unusual artworks, vintage cupboards, a big dining area and stylish but not showy kitchen paraphernalia.

We are very happy to show this project on our website and we are so grateful to Pearl and Danny for being such lovely people, choosing deVOL and welcoming us into their home, it has given us and all our customers some very special inspiration.