Pearl Lowe's Laundry Room

There are laundry rooms, all neat, tidy and orderly, and then there’s Pearl’s laundry room, all romantic and bohemian.

Tucked away at the back of Pearl and Danny’s house was a spare small room with a high window, they decided to turn it into the prettiest little place. It still has a washing machine and tumble dryer, and it still has storage and shelves, but in Pearl's inimitable style, it has become the most delightful spot for doing a bit of pottering.

The deVOL aged brass rails go right around the mix of Heirloom and Shaker cabinets, making it easy to open or close the curtains and access your bits and bobs and your washing machine. A fabulous big brass sink and Carrara marble worktops ensure it is also practical and will look good forever.

There is something quite special about these types of rooms as they create a new place to do different types of jobs away from the kitchen, no food here, just dogs and flowers and washing.