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The deVOL Kitchen (Signed hardback)

Lead time: 4-6 weeks


This is deVOL's first ever published book. Our directors, Paul, Helen and Robin tell stories of their childhoods and their journey as designer makers. They share how their varied experiences have shaped their unique approach to design, craftsmanship, furniture and, of course, kitchens.

A stunningly photographed guide to designing and styling the most important room in the house. This book is for anyone who values great design, beautiful interiors and true craftsmanship; for those looking for inspiration for their own home and for everyone who has discovered our Emmy-nominated TV series, For the Love of Kitchens.

Imprint: Ebury Press

UK Edition
ISBN: 9781529197402
Length: 368 pages
Dimensions: w 7 3/4"   h 10 7/8"   d 1 5/8"

About the authors

This is a book about kitchens and design, and it’s also about deVOL, which is quite a remarkable story. We came from nowhere, the three of us, but each of us has something unique that stems from our childhood and the things that interested us. The three of us bring different things to the table, each of them essential, and we also recognise that we can’t do it alone. We each lack what the others have, so we pull together on different ropes, but all in the right direction.