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The Haberdasher's Kitchen

Inspired by mid-century English furniture

The Haberdasher's Kitchen is a new modular kitchen range inspired by mid-century English furniture. It also serves as a redesign of our Air Kitchen range. Our original Air Kitchen caused quite a stir when it was first launched at 100% Design back in 2012. The modern retro design embraced contemporary materials and construction methods whilst taking cues from iconic mid-century designs, leading it to become something really special and quite different from our more traditional kitchen ranges. But times change and so do our tastes, and so 6 years later, our customers have a very different idea of what a deVOL Kitchen looks like and what it’s made from. We decided that it was about time to try out a fresh new perspective and we got to work on the designs with the aim of having it ready to show off at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018. It was clear straight away that we wanted to retain the mid-century style and unique design features like the curved laminated oak frames and rolled metal end panels but this time our inspiration was coming from a slightly different setting; namely, English gentlemen’s haberdasheries from the first half of the 20th century - hence the new name 'The Haberdasher's Kitchen'.

The Haberdasher’s Kitchen is now available as a modular service with an initial price guide of $50,000 - $85,000

It's so much fun working on a new project like this now that we have so many talented designer makers working under one roof, everything just feels so much faster. We started by roughing out a whole stack of ideas upstairs in the Creative Design Office at Cotes Mill before rushing them downstairs to our Workshop Manager, Ben, who then knocked them up in the flesh in a matter of minutes. It's easy to get stuck going down one path where nothing seems to sit right and then, all of a sudden, one change makes everything fall unexpectedly into place.

Instead of pastel colours, solid surface doors and brushed aluminium we have opted for mottled copper end panels with beautifully natural oiled oak cupboards, glazed doors and drawers with narrow frames and dark painted interiors. Glazed fronts are a particular staple of haberdashery cupboards, allowing dealers to successfully display their many wares. Similarly, it is becoming very common for our customers to want to show off their unique crockery and kitchenalia and so glazed units offer the perfect opportunity to do so. However, not everything is worth showing off so the drawers and doors are available with authentic tambour-style slats too.

Having the drawer face set in front of the cupboard fascia is another familiar feature from a haberdashery. To get the same look on our doors we had to develop a new aged brass pivot hinge which is crafted by hand in our Cotes Mill metal workshop and reminiscent of those seen on traditional steel-framed windows and exemplified by Victorian era British manufacturers like Crittall. The countertop cupboards take this detail further by utilising a slim brass backing frame to hold the glass pane in place.

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