The Bond Street Haberdashery

This new range has become not just 'cupboards for kitchens' but more a range of furniture with no limitations. Its warm wood and delicate features has proved a great option for living spaces too, much of this is due to its beauty from every angle and the attention to detail of everything from the hinges to the proportions. Many people have fallen in love with the pantry cupboard as a standalone piece for a landing, sewing room or as an additional and unique place to display their treasured possessions. We are always keen for our kitchen furniture and its layout to be more an extension of the rest of your home, rather than for it to have a completely different feel. We like the kitchen to be just as much a place to hang out as a living space. This new way of creating a kitchen encourages people to be more considered with what they buy, ensuring it is beautiful, functional and something they will keep and cherish for a lifetime, instead of a room of cupboards that gets changed every ten years or so to keep up with current fashions. We see the Haberdasher's cupboards being used in libraries and offices, we see them as a perfect choice for a bar or social area. We imagine these beautifully designed pieces of furniture, especially the elegant island, as a backdrop for so many atmospheric and authentic rooms and never limited to your kitchen.