The Black Kitchen, Bath

The Black Kitchen is designed to feel like a local bistro bar in a Manhattan neighbourhood, that has been loved by locals for decades. There is a feeling you get when you walk into a friendly, familiar neighbourhood bar that suddenly lifts your spirits and makes you feel welcome. This is the feeling we wanted to create in this room, so we filled the walls with posters, painted it blush pink and, very importantly, placed one of our Vineyard Tables in the corner, tucked away and secluded behind a sheer floaty café curtain. The Frilly Chartreuse Light really did the job of adding delicate light, a vintage feel and oodles of atmosphere.

The sink and cooker run is made up of our Classic furniture painted in Printer's Black, it is chic and functional and allowed us to have a very sturdy but plain Haberdasher's island, that is both a prep table and sit-up bar. The brass foot rail on the island is a detail we cannot imagine not having here, it is almost the one thing that establishes this room as a place to hang out, enjoy yourself and be part of the action. The copper touches are essential in this room, they add understated shine and warmth. The glow from our aged copper worktops really is beautiful, soft and subtle any time of the day or night.

Every time people walk into this room they are struck by the variety of accessories on display, the mix of furniture and the opulent finishes, the surprise is how they all work together with such ease. Task Lights, Haberdasher’s cupboards, an ornate La Cornue cooker, very bold Arabescato marble sink and worktops, it’s a wonder it doesn’t feel too much, but it doesn’t, it feels so authentic and the moment you sit yourself down at the Vineyard Table you don’t want to leave. Isn’t that the recipe for a perfect home kitchen too.