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deVOL Aged Copper Single Sink

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Our copper sinks are individually aged by hand using natural substances, each sink is unique and will continue to get better with use. We feel that adding one of these beautiful handmade sinks to your kitchen can make all the difference to your finished room. It is quite amazing how a simple sink can elevate a whole room when it becomes glamorous, elegant, and totally authentic.

Please note, this sink does not feature an overflow hole. Basket waste strainers are supplied separately.

hand aged copper sinks, by deVOL

We weren’t the first people to use copper in the kitchen – in fact, historically it has been used in kitchens and hospitals for centuries due its special natural antimicrobial properties – but it has become such a big part of the deVOL look. We made the first deVOL copper worktop way back in 2016 when we were asked to create a piece for a British design exhibition in Taipei! Our MD, Robin, and head of product development, Ben, got together to heat, hammer and beautifully age two copper worktops with clever textured draining boards soldered seamlessly into the ends. Suspended between the two worktops was one of these incredible copper sinks.
We’ve since made dramatic bespoke worktops, taken the copper all the way up the wall for a very cool splashback and have even started to top vintage dining tables and other pieces of furniture. Now we have a whole team of talented metalsmiths who have perfected the art of creating something new that feels old, beautifully mottled and full of character. It is glamorous and different and we are so happy our customer’s are embracing this really unique style.
Copper organically tarnishes over time but we speed up the process using natural substances like sawdust and vinegar so there are no nasty chemicals on the surface. The finish on the copper is the copper oxide itself and, as would happen naturally, the oxide will change according to what comes into contact with it, either becoming darker and more highly figured or becoming brighter and polished. The patinated surface isn’t really a finish but more the natural character of the copper. It’s quite incredible to look at and its reaction with water makes an ever-changing surface that is not only practical but incredibly dramatic. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘practical’ is often a contradiction and usually applies to a man-made material, but this natural metal is quite the loveliest thing we have used in our kitchens in recent years.
We love using copper in our kitchens, it looks rare and precious and its inherent antibacterial properties make it even more desirable. What a special product it has turned out to be, so glamorously chic and a little bohemian with the power to kill pathogens in minutes. Who would have believed that one material could have so many benefits and also be so good-looking?