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deVOL Antique Silver Mayan Taps

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These taps are really quite special and unique, they look old and feel rare. There is a beautiful softness in the colour of our Antique Silver Taps that is completely different to a chrome or nickel finish, it looks exactly like antique silver jewellery that has tarnished over time, but still shines in the places where it is in contact with your skin.

The taps have a thick silver-plated finish which will stand a lifetime of polishing. They are put into a solution that turns the silver black, and then we gently buff the taps by hand to reveal convincingly polished areas. Our antique silver is a living finish that will only get better with time and use. You can choose to leave them to tarnish as much as you like and polish them whenever you feel the need, just like any antique silver tableware.

They will happily sit alongside our ceramic and marble sinks in just the same way the aged brass ones will. It has taken many years to refine this finish to the point where we are completely happy, we hope you love them as much as we do.

a beautifully aged silver, by deVOL

Several years ago we launched our Aged Brass Taps in collaboration with Perrin and Rowe, we were extremely specific about how we wanted these taps to look. The feeling of creating an old patina, on a brand new set of taps seemed to us, to be the holy grail. Since then, the Aged Brass Taps have become one of our most popular shop items, we sell them all over the world. We love aged brass here at deVOL, but we had a hankering to design a silver finish, to satisfy those looking for something a little less popular. 
deVOL taps are made using traditional methods, we embrace the use of modern machinery but often the old ways are the best. The iron mould is prepared for casting by inserting sand cores, which form the internal waterways in the tap. The mould is then closed and the molten brass is ladled into the mould at nearly 1000 degrees Celsius. The brass cools very quickly in the mould and can be opened after just a minute, leaving the fresh, but still extremely hot, casting. All the shaping and polishing of the rough castings is done by hand by highly skilled polishers. This process is done by eye and, as with many stages of tap making, it is dependent on the skill of the craftsperson to ensure the perfect finish.
The taps are then plated with silver and dipped into a solution that turns them black. Finally, they are hand-buffed by our metalsmiths until they look delightfully tarnished and full of character, just like antique silver jewellery. There’s a lot of work that goes into crafting these beauties and we can’t thank Perrin & Rowe enough for working with us to create our dream taps and for sharing these fascinating behind the scenes images with us.