Antique Bronze Toggle Switches

Handmade to order, lead time: 6 weeks


Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, we spend money on beautiful vintage fabrics and ornaments but often don’t consider, or choose to ignore, the fundamental small fittings of a room like the switches and sockets. 

Established in 1987, Forbes & Lomax have always approached the electrical accessory market from an aesthetic point of view​, making beautiful switches and sockets for the most stylish of interiors.

1 Gang: w 2 3/4"   h 4 1/2"   d 1"

2 Gang: w 4 1/2"   h 4 1/2"   d 1"

3 Gang: w 6 3/8"   h 4 1/2"   d 1"

4 Gang: w 8 1/4"   h 4 1/2"   d 1"


3-way toggle switches, 4-way modules available upon request.

Regarding installation, it is important to make sure your junction boxes are recessed below the finished wall surface by at least 1/8”. If you are installing into existing junction boxes, you will probably find the boxes are already recessed by at least this much, but you should check before ordering. See the product data sheet for more info.  

Please get in contact at websales@devolkitchens.com if you would like to order bespoke fixtures with alternative modules, outlets, ports and switches.


Product Data Sheet