Sepia Lace Market Tiles

Handmade to order, lead time: 4 weeks
* We recommend an additional 10% for any off-cuts, damage or waste.
Includes a Plain Square & Flemish Metro. Please note that sample packs are non-returnable and cannot be refunded. One pack per customer.


Incredibly detailed patterns are created with a wonderful old tile press that gives a very clear relief and texture to every tile. We imagine these tiles in so many situations, delicate rose colours, totally authentic sepia tones and the aged look of the teal all conjure up wonderfully eclectic interior.

Sample packs are currently on a 3-4 week lead time due to high demand.

Plain Metro: w 5 7/8"   h 2 15/16"   d 3/8"   |   $15 per tile

Plain Long Metro: w 9 7/16"   h 2 15/16"   d 3/8"   |   $20 per tile

Plain Square: w 5 7/8"   h 5 7/8"   d 3/8"   |   $20 per tile

Flemish Metro: w 5 7/8"   h 2 15/16"   d 3/8"   |   $20 per tile

Flanders Metro: w 5 7/8"   h 2 15/16"   d 3/8"   |   $20 per tile

Flanders Square: w 5 7/8"   h 5 7/8"   d 3/8"   |   $25 per tile

These are handmade tiles so the dimensions may vary.

pressed lace patterns, by deVOL

Our love of vintage and old things has led us to design a range of tiles with Hannah, one of our deVOL ceramicists. Finding vintage tiles is time-consuming and often very challenging, so we hope this new range will give you the opportunity to decorate your home in a very authentic and unique way, without compromise and frustration. We imagine these tiles in so many situations, delicate rose colours, totally authentic sepia tones and the aged look of the teal all conjure up wonderfully eclectic interiors.

The tiles are created using an original Victorian tile press. It’s big and old and very heavy, but we love that we’re able to use a bit of equipment that has so much history and character, especially when the tiles we’re creating were inspired by that very era. You might be wondering where on earth we found a Victorian tile press in this day and age, and the answer is from a lovely gentleman from Stoke on Trent, who had been in the business of making handmade tiles for years and was retiring. He chose deVOL to be the new owners of his beloved tile press!

The tiles are made from an earthenware clay powder which is poured into a mould below the heavy 'punch' of the press. We wind up the large swinging arms at the top before releasing them with enough momentum to force the ‘punch’ straight down into the mould. Hannah managed to find some intricate vintage lace remnants and garments from her grandmother and incorporated these into this wonderfully bohemian collection of tiles. To create the lace imprint, the lace is simply stamped onto the clay during the pressing process, which perfectly captures the ornate and intricate details. After a few swings and a firm stamp on the pedal, the newly-pressed tile pops out of the mould and is ready for firing immediately.

Getting the colour and look right was really important and Hannah has worked tirelessly to perfect a range of glazes that give these tiles a beautiful aged and weathered feel in three colours: a warm rusty sepia, a vintage teal and a delicate rose pink. You might often find these types of Victorian tiles in London tube stations, pubs, as well as porches and fire surrounds; the decorative embossed trim that we have incorporated into our tiles is so reminiscent of the ornate style of this era. We have included both plain and decorative tiles to create the same vintage look and we can’t wait to see what they look like in our customers’ homes.

There are so many fantastic ways to layout these tiles, you can keep it simple with the plain tiles or really have fun with a mix of the lace patterns and different sizes. We've put together a few suggestions above to help you get started. When calculating the number of tiles needed for your project, please allow an additional 10% for any off-cuts, breakages and waste.