The Clerkenwell Apartment

The first Sebastian Cox Kitchen was installed in this fabulously light and airy apartment in Clerkenwell, East London, a stone's throw from our London showrooms, near the vibrant and delightfully busy Exmouth Market. It is an area that has everything going for it; close to the City and West End, it has lively nightlife, quirky art galleries, and great cafes and restaurants. Its commercial past has provided superb loft conversions that mix in Georgian townhouses and luxury apartments that are the top of everyone's wish list. Once the home of jewellers and printers, Clerkenwell is now a hub of media and creative companies, but its winding streets and alleyways and pre-Victorian buildings give it a sense of history and the feel of a village neighbourhood. The Sebastian Cox Kitchen seems so at home in this area and this type of building. It ticks all the boxes, slightly edgy but not off-the-wall, subtle but not boring, original and beautifully simple with just a little taste of design without having to try too hard. Somehow this kitchen is like the folks that live in these places.

The kitchen filled just one end of the huge light room, which looked out onto a busy street, yet it felt homely and opulent with its beautifully big windows and high ceilings. The proportions of these old warehouses make it easy to furnish your home sparsely and stylishly with ease, choose wisely and you can get it spot on every time; a single run with cooker, sink, dishwasher and plenty of storage, the fridge and pantry cupboard sat to the side. A Smeg fridge is always a good idea and, paired with the pantry, it looked uncomplicated, practical and so simple yet ornate for a pantry with the beautiful woven beech on the inside and wavy traditional heritage glass on the outside.

The rest of the room was used as a living space. The couple who owned the property had bought an original Oktoberfest bench table and seating, it worked so well as the kitchen table. Behind the table were double doors leading onto a roof garden that looked out over the terraces and chimney pots of a traditional old London street; how perfect.