The Camberwell Kitchen

There are so many things to take away and enjoy from this South London kitchen, the clean space and textures, the soft calm colours, the natural materials and the beautiful wall finish. Thankfully there are people out there with taste, style and a conscience and when put together, this combination makes not just a beautiful kitchen but a home that is sustainable. Using rainwater and heating your home responsibly seems such an obvious choice to make if at all possible, so it’s really good to see our customers taking these steps. I think the Sebastian Cox range has introduced us to a new customer, a customer who cares about their environment and how they want to use their home and what they feel comfortable putting in it. This makes us really happy and proud to have designed this range at such a pivotal time in the protection of our world. Let’s talk about the wall covering now, this new waterproof finish is so popular all of a sudden, made from resin or natural limestone it creates a completely impermeable and waterproof finish. It’s the colours that are so stunning and the effect, an uneven mix of colour which adds so much more character to a room. We all search for more than just paint on our walls but achieving a convincing characterful, weathered and rustic look to a wall without the help of these products is tough. We love this look, practical and a great new alternative to tiles or a splashback it also adds personality to this already super stylish home.