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electric dreams, by deVOL

Coming soon to the US.

  • Our new switches & sockets are original designs that have been developed in-house by the deVOL design team.
  • Inspired by 1920s Art Deco styling and vintage dolly switches, they make an elegant addition to any space.
  • Handmade by our metalsmiths and beautifully designed right down to the perfect ‘click’ of our solid brass toggle switches, turning on a light has never been more satisfying.
  • Available in an aged brass or oxidised brass finish, a living patina that will continue to develop and grow in character with every touch.
  • We recommend that you order your metalware all together in one batch so that we can ensure that they are perfectly matched as a set.
  • For more information, please send an email to usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com or call us on 212 210 6269.


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212 210 6269



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Need any help? Please email:

New York  212 210 6269


UK Showrooms


Cotes Mill +44 (0)1509 261000

St. John's Square +44 (0)20 3879 7900

Tysoe Street +44 (0)20 3837 5900

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