Emerald Green London Tiles

Originally designed for our St John's Square showroom in Clerkenwell, our unique glossy tiles are inspired by the traditional tiles of London tube stations and East End pub exteriors.

  • Our London Tiles are carefully rolled, cut, glazed and fired by hand in our Cotes Mill ceramics studio.
  • Claire, our glaze expert, has worked to an almost scientific degree to produce the subtle variations in tones across each tile. Tiles are currently available in our Emerald Green palette, with other ranges still in development.
  • These new tiles show our love for the traditional tiles of London; the vibrant tiles of Leslie Green which decorate tube stations like Covent Garden, and the glossy exteriors of old East End pubs. 
  • Claire is now making small sample tiles which will show you the variations of green used to make your set of deVOL tiles. These will be available in packs of three for $25 (including postage and packaging).
  • Lead times on all orders of our London tiles are taking a little longer due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Please get in touch with us to find out more. 
  • For more information or if you would like to place an order, please contact our designers at usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com or call us on 212 210 6269.

Tile Size: w 9 38"    h 6 18"    d 38"  , Price: $45 per tile

Full orders or sample packs can be requested by calling our showrooms or sending us an email:

212 210 6269          usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com

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Need any help? Please email:

New York  212 210 6269


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