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The Frilly Cranberry Light

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Our new and impossibly pretty cranberry glass pendant has been a labour of love, it turns out this jewel-like coloured glass is not easy to come by which explains its desirability and high price, both in Victorian times and today.

A true piece of cranberry glass, like our frilly shade, is made with gold. The gold reacts with the glass during firing to create this very specific cranberry colour. The first firing releases the colour, then it is laid over a handmade steel frame and re-fired, allowing it to slump into a delightfully delicate swirl of frills.

We designed this shade because of our love of this rare vintage glass and to finally be able to hang up a true cranberry glass light is quite special. Swinging from a brown cotton twisted cord with a simple small aged brass ceiling rose, this light is a little bit bohemian and totally atmospheric in a very subtle way.

This product includes: 

1 x cranberry glass shade

1 x leadset containing:

  • an antiqued brass E26 lampholder
  • a matching brass ceiling rose with screws
  • a mounting plate to fit a 4" octagonal junction box
  • 10 feet of brown twisted flex cord

Bulb not included - 60W recommended.

a pretty glass pendant light, by deVOL

This is the first glass light we've ever made and we learnt so much along the way. Helen and our product designers, Matt and Dan, worked tirelessly with a local glass artist to make this beautiful pendant, from designing the delicate frilly pleats to creating the exact shade of cranberry that Helen had imagined. It certainly has been a labour of love, but so worth it to be able to offer a truly special cranberry glass light.
Our cranberry glass shade is made from a combination of sand, soda and lime and combined with gold which provides the beautiful rich pink colour. It is a handmade process where the ingredients are mixed and then heated in a furnace for hours until the glass is in a molten state; at this stage, the molten glass is rolled into individual flat sheets by hand. The result is a very thin piece of glass that has a lot of interesting texture and it allows us to achieve an intricate pleated shape. A circle is cut by hand from the glass sheet and then the frilly shape is formed in a kiln as the glass softens and slumps down over a handmade steel mould. We're so excited by the way it has turned out and we can't wait to see them hanging above a table or giving an atmospheric light to a little corner.