Aged Brass Hanging Rails

Authentically aged brass hanging rails for anywhere in the kitchen; on the end of an island, above the range cooker or even up on the ceiling. All crafted by hand in our metal studio at Cotes Mill.

  • The brass hanging rail comes in a natural aged brass finish created by our jeweller Steph. The mottled patina is sealed with a thin coat of wax to protect the finish. They are secured with beautiful round brackets that are equally spaced to give support to your rail and are strong enough to hold a good-sized saucepan and a few utensils, we also love hanging plants from our showroom rails.
  • The hanging rail measures 34"   in diameter and is available in a number of standard lengths, listed below. Each option includes a set number of brackets and 's' hooks. The 4ft rails and supplied in 2ft sections and the 6ft and 9ft rails are supplied in 3ft sections; any joins are concealed by the brackets. Bespoke options are also available at an additional cost.
  • We spent lots of time looking for a traditional butcher's hook to use with our hanging rail but couldn’t find anything that was weighty, well-made and just the right shape. So now we get our own ones made for us and we age them to a perfect shade here at Cotes Mill, England. Our hooks are available with an aged brass or oxidised brass finish which you can choose when placing your order. Who would have believed that something as simple as a lovely hook could make such a difference to a kitchen, they are the perfect little thing to hang everything and anything.
  • For more information or if you would like to place an order, please contact or call us on 212 210 6269.

22" rail with 2 brackets & 5 'S' hooks - $150
3ft rail with 2 brackets & 5 'S' hooks - $155
4ft rail with 3 brackets & 10 'S' hooks - $175
6ft rail with 3 brackets & 15 'S' hooks - $230
9ft rail with 4 brackets & 15 'S' hooks - $285

Additional 'S' hooks available for $10 each


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