Porcelain Pendant Lights

Everything feels so much more special when you know that it's one-of-a-kind and our new collection of twelve porcelain pendant lights is a perfect example of this. The milky white porcelain has such a crisp and delicate surface in the daytime but at night this is replaced by the soft warm glow from the light inside.

  • Our Porcelain Pendant Lights are all handmade by our resident ceramicists at Cotes Mill, Leicestershire, England.
  • The range includes twelve different shades, all varying in size and shape. Some of the shades feature a traditional 'chattered' pattern which is created organically by bouncing a cutting tool on the surface as it spins on the wheel.
  • The lights are sold with an antiqued brass lampholder and a subtle off-white twisted fabric flex cord and a matching 4 14"   antiqued brass ceiling rose.
  • These lights are also available with a three prong mains plug and an antiqued brass turn switch on the lampholder, perfect for hanging on hooks and brackets around the house. The beaker shades are the best choice for this option and they are available at no extra cost.
  • If you would like to see our pendant lights in person they are currently on display in our Manhattan, New York showroom.
  • For more information or if you would like to place an order, please contact our designers at usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com or call us on 212 210 6269.
  • Each light is supplied with a ceiling rose 4 14"   in diameter, mounting plate and screws. 
  • The ceiling rose and mounting plate only fit a 4" octagonal junction box.  

View our range of Porcelain Pendant Lights

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Need any help? Please email:

New York  212 210 6269


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Tysoe Street +44 (0)20 3837 5900

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