Hand-painted Cupboards

We are so excited to finally be able to offer our customers a new bespoke painting service for your furniture, all designed in-house at deVOL by our resident decorative artist, Rosie.

Hand-painted cupboards are something we have been wanting to offer our customers for a long time. The fashion for highly decorative interiors has become so popular, we wanted to fit it into our kitchens and cupboards in some small and subtle way. Rosie, our in-house artist, paints everything by hand, she is meticulous in her approach to these cupboards and takes great care to ensure the finish is immaculate and incredibly detailed.

The painting is done before the cupboard is finally put together, therefore you need to decide on your design and colours as soon as you place your order, as it is not possible to paint the cupboards once they are built. We recommend our ‘Curiosity Cupboard’ as the most authentic and suitable cupboard for hand-painting, however, we are always open to other suggestions and will happily chat to you regarding your wishes.

We currently have four beautiful and quite different designs available to our customers which you can see below. We have worked carefully on the colourways we offer, however, Rosie is very happy to try other combinations.

Rosie will do samples prior to painting the final piece for any new colourways and will adapt and play around with the colours to give you a really good indication of how your piece could look.

We charge $1,640 per Curiosity Cupboard for the hand-painted finish on the backboards of the cupboard. If you would like the bottom half of the cupboard painted too, we charge an additional $820 per cupboard. All design work on colourways or new designs is charged at $180 per day. We suggest 1 day is usually sufficient for a colour change on an existing design. For all new designs we would suggest between 3 and 5 days but this does, of course, depend on the design being considered.

If you are just interested in having a painted cupboard, please contact rosie.robertson@devolkitchens.co.uk, or if you would like a painted cupboard as part of a kitchen then contact our designers at usa.enquiries@devolkitchens.com or 212 210 6269.

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