14th January 2021

By Lydia Winkfield

2020 has certainly been a year for the books… The whole world was faced with a global pandemic and we found ourselves spending a lot more time indoors, and dare we say, our kitchens! But this year has had some highs for us too, we hit 450k followers on Instagram!! In a time when friends have felt so far away, it has been especially lovely chatting to you all on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It makes us so happy to know that during this difficult time so many people turned to our Instagram page for a little escapism and inspiration. So, without further ado, here are your most-loved posts of last year…



A newcomer to the top 10, this bright and summery kitchen was liked over 10,300 times!


This kitchen was just the ray of sunshine we needed during the long lockdown summer. The bright accessories, the quirky knick-knacks and of course those show-stopping pistachio green Crittall doors! The owner and designer, known as Clarence and Graves, thinks of his kitchen as a cross between Provence and Wes Anderson, and we couldn’t think of a better description. This room has the perfect holiday vibe to get us through the next few chilly months!

– For the whole tour, click here.



Small but perfectly formed, this post got over 10.7K likes.


We often get asked if we design kitchens for small spaces, and the answer is, of course! This tiny little cupboard run is a great example of this. Just the necessities, but done with so much style and charm. Our Shaker cupboards are perfect for this little nook, painted in our own deVOL shade ‘Trinity Blue’ and finished with our antique silver hardware. It shows that you don’t need oodles of space to have your dream kitchen, just some classic, well-made furniture.

– As this was such a little project it doesn’t have its own page but click here to see more beautiful Shaker projects.



This gorgeous photo, styled and taken by Nina Plummer of Ingredients LDN, got 11.3 thousand likes.


Ingredients LDN is an online shop specialising in ‘natural products for a natural home’, so we couldn’t think of a better match for this philosophy than our Sebastian Cox Kitchen, and it seems like you all agreed! We love that this kitchen is kind to the environment whilst still reflecting our passion for classic design. The rough sawn wood, the vintage furniture, the tumbling vases of wild flowers… everything about this kitchen feels cool and calm. We’re so thankful to Nina for allowing us to share her beautiful images, they’ve definitely given us a lift this year!

– Browse the whole project here, and check out the Ingredients LDN website for the most lovely homeware items!




You loved this simple deVOL Shaker kitchen, liking it over 11.4K times!


In a year like 2020 it’s so refreshing to find that your dream kitchen may be more achievable than you first thought. This project kept their design super simple, just eight Shaker base cupboards, a lovely ceramic sink and a few of our aged brass handles and catches, all coming to about £5000. Then the owners got creative, transforming scaffolding planks on-site into a beautiful wooden work surface and salvaging some old garden taps to use at the sink. The finished look is delightfully quirky and just bursting with personality. An achievable kitchen that is still Insta-worthy and inspiring so many of you to think a little outside the box.

– Lots more beautiful pictures can be seen here.



This stunning series of transformation photos taken by @a_prettier_interior received over 12K likes.


Ooh we do love a before and after moment! There’s something so satisfying about seeing a dark and dingy space transform into a calm kitchen oasis, while still keeping those unique original features. And this kitchen is just oozing with originality, with reclaimed floorboards and vintage furniture making this project less of a renovation and more of a restoration. Our Trinity Blue paint is the perfect finishing touch to this room, which now feels just like it would have done a hundred years ago!

– To see the rest of this stunning kitchen, click here.



12.4K likes for a flip through this lovely Sebastian Cox Kitchen in Bath.


These pictures caused quite the stir when we first posted them on Instagram, and they continue to inspire everybody a few years on. Perhaps the most commented on thing in this kitchen is the use of the original Bath Stone as a backsplash for the cooker run. It’s rare that this beautiful stone is able to be showcased inside, but the buttery tone just fits so perfectly alongside the blue black stain of the cupboards and the mottled texture helps to balance out the more sleek industrial elements in the room. Light, bright, and airy, all of our favourite things!

– See the full set of The Bath Larkhall Kitchen photos here.



Moving up in the ranking, this stunning kitchen received almost 12.5K likes!


This kitchen has to be one of my favourite projects at deVOL. It just feels like a quintessential English country home. The grand proportions, the opulent chandelier, the terracotta tiles… it feels a bit like stepping into a history book! But it’s those little deVOL details that really bring this room together. The aged brass hardware on our Classic English cupboards, the fluted ceramic sink, and, of course, the huge slab of copper which we hand-aged especially for this vintage table. They bring so much warmth into this room, so even without a squidgy old sofa to sink into, it still feels so cosy!

– For more photos of the Victorian Rectory, click here.



In third place, with over 15K likes and 380 comments is this Classic English Kitchen in Somerset.


Breaking into the top three this year is the lovely home of Pearl Lowe, the Frome Kitchen. What’s so lovely about this room is it feels truly lived in. The cupboards are crammed full of beautiful crockery collected over years of travel, the walls are covered with family pictures and quirky artwork, and the vintage furniture sits upon original, perfectly scuffed floors. Amidst all of this, our Classic English and Shaker cupboards sit quietly, providing the perfect background for family life!

– Click here for more pictures of the stunning Frome Kitchen!



This kitchen made quite the splash with 15.2K likes, styled and photographed by the lovely @_foodstories_ / @_designtales_.


This had to be one of the most exciting parts of the year for us in the PR team, the unveiling of our latest kitchen for Nora and Laura of ‘Our Food Stories’. The Haberdasher’s Kitchen is our latest range here at deVOL and it’s still such a thrill to see people including it in their homes. We’re constantly surprised by how versatile this unique design is, feeling perfectly at home in a moody London townhouse and in a bright Scandinavian cottage. This Haberdasher’s Kitchen certainly made quite the splash on our Instagram too, with us all agreeing it was the most perfect place to cosy up and escape the chilly winter months, reading books in front of the fire and warming our toes by the Aga!

– More lovely pictures of this project here.





With over 15.4K likes, 2020’s most-loved kitchen was this perfect little space in Covent Garden.


Beating out bigger and grander rooms, this small and understated kitchen clinched the top spot at the very last moment! Whilst many of us dream of large sprawling kitchens with islands, dining tables and counter space galore, the reality, particularly in the city, is often a small room which can fit only the necessities. However, this project shows that even a small space can give you the kitchen of your dreams, all you need is well-made furniture and some clever design.

– This little project doesn’t have its own page, but do check out our Shaker kitchens for more inspiration!


We’re always blown away by the power of social media to connect us with people all over the world, but particularly during this difficult year we feel so lucky to have such a lovely group of followers supporting deVOL. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s taken the time to like our pictures, leave a comment, send us a DM and generally spread some positivity, we hope in return we’ve been able to give you a little inspiration. There’s so much more coming in 2021, and we can’t wait for you all to see it, so go on, give us a follow @devolkitchens!