Why I Love Sundays

1st November 2015

By Collette Black

I’ve spent many Sundays feeling a little worse for wear, utterly bored or just being downright lazy. It’s the day that I often waste lounging around watching TV and doing practically nothing. Don’t get me wrong I love a duvet day, but it seems to have taken over my Sundays a little too often over the last year or so.

So last Sunday I decided to heave myself out of bed, made some pancakes (brunch is always essential on Sundays!) and called my friend Anna. Anna is amazing, she is my own personal city guide, constantly finding the most amazing things London has to offer via the wonders of Instagram. Last Sunday we were feeling the chill so we decided hot chocolate was on the cards. Anna had scouted an amazing looking marshmallow topped sensation from Chin Chin Labs, so we headed off to Camden Town for the afternoon.


Famed for their amazing nitro ice cream, their winter alternative did not disappoint. The artisan chocolate was thick and creamy whilst the delicious homemade marshmallow was light and fluffy and provided the perfect topping to this warming winter treat. The open lab-like kitchen is filled with quirky test tubes and beakers for creating all their tasty experiments. There are only a few tables, but if you time it right it is so cool to see the team at work.


I love camden market, but it is always packed, especially on a Sunday afternoon. I can only take the hustle and bustle for so long but luckily a more tranquil London is not too far away.


Growing up near the coutryside, my ideal Sunday would always include a stroll through the hills. Although it’s a little harder in London, there are some amazingly beautiful canals and parks scattered all over the city. I loved the calm of the canal and the gorgeous colours of the Autumn trees reflecting in the water.


Primrose Park is the place to go to get one of the best views of London and the park is just lovely. The trees glowed in the late afternoon sun whilst cute kids and possibly even cuter dogs bounded around playing on the grassy hill. I really hope it snows this winter because it seemed like the ideal spot for sledging!


As the sun set we went for a final wander around the market, picked up a delicious beef berginion bun and a cheeky cup of mulled wine before heading to the cinema to catch new flick, The Suffragettes.


All in all it was a pretty great day. So I say forget the hangover or your chores or the urge to just lounge around in front of the TV all day. Get up, get out there and discover how great your Sunday can be.