#We’re Following deVOL

12th July 2016

By Collette Black

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, flicking through a glossy magazine with a hot cup of tea, and I’m lucky enough to get to do this as part of my job!! What makes it even better is when you stumble across an amazing feature in one of your absolute favourite magazines. Yesterday I was browsing the new August issue of Living etc., dreaming of cool apartments and Tuscan retreats, when my eyes caught a glimpse of our Sebastian Cox Kitchen, they quickly scrolled up to see a column in the news pages called “We’re Following deVOL”. It was a few months ago that a lovely member of the Living etc. team emailed me asking if I had any exciting updates about what deVOL will be up to this year. As magazines work so far in advance, sometimes it slips your mind what’s coming up…which only makes it more exciting when you come across it a few months later.


It’s already been a pretty busy year for deVOL; we’ve won two amazing design awards for our brand new Sebastian Cox Kitchen, were chosen to represent British design at an international event in Taipei and took part in our favourite festival in Clerkenwell, a place we now call home and where we have become an integral part of the design community. It’s hard to believe we have even more exciting things coming up in 2016, but we do! Yes this is an exclusive, you may be seeing another utterly beautiful deVOL showroom in London very soon!!

– You can check out this really cool piece on our press pages here.

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