We won an EKBB Influencer award!

4th October 2017

By Zoe Parker

I thought writing a little blog post would be the best way for Letty and I and everybody else at deVOL to say a very, very big THANK YOU for voting for us in the first EKBB Influencer Awards. We won the ‘Best Kitchen Company Blog & Social Media’ award and we still can’t quite believe it, we were shocked and surprised and so happy and proud and amazed. The award is sitting on our desk and each time we see it it brings a little smile to our faces.


The fact that this award was voted for by the public made it that little bit more special to us, to know that there’s so many people out there who love what we do and love following along with our Instagram account and catching up when we post a new little story or adventure or piece of beautiful inspiration on the deVOL Journal, it’s the best feeling and we couldn’t be any more grateful.

Every single amazing and talented person that works at deVOL has an influence on spreading the word about who we are and what we do, and Letty and I just couldn’t do our job without the help of everybody else. We all contribute to the deVOL Journal, that’s what makes it so special and unique, it is a collection of everything we love from design inspiration to short stories to little things that make us happy, and you get an insight into the lives of all of the lovely people who make up the deVOL team – from Helen and Tim styling and taking the most beautiful photos, to the designers for designing these amazing kitchens, to the graphic designers creating our lovely brochures, the production teams and all of the guys and girls in the workshop making and painting every piece of deVOL furniture, what a cool team we have!!


The shock and the surprise…


… and the utter happiness.


And our award nestled in its little box…


And finally we just wanted to say a big congratulations to all of the other nominees and winners at the EKBB Influencer Awards, it really was the best day.


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