We have so much new cool stuff here at Mill – take a look at some of my favourites

16th March 2016

By Helen Parker

Every day I wander around the Mill wondering if people realise quite how much amazing stuff we have for sale here, if I didn’t work at deVOL I would be so pleased to be able to come to such a great place and buy unique, beautiful, cool and generally all round awesome stuff. Take a look at my favourite things at the moment, some of which I will be taking home……… Bear with me as this may be long, or I may do a second installment tomorrow.


My love affair with tassels just keeps going, two years ago, Ibiza was the only place to get good tassel jewellery, well now it’s at the Mill. Really lovely simple necklaces, between £15 and £25 and just enough tassel colour to make you feel like summer is on its way.




I just love these kooky little net bags, keep one in your bag and you will never have to pay 5p at the checkout for a plastic one again! and you will look so much cooler…………. Long and short handled, they only cost £6 – £8, come in natural and black. Save Turtles and money, what’s to lose!!




Rickety but beautiful old pots, perfect for the imminent arrival of Geraniums, yay. I love the orange ones and white ones and in these pots they would look like you hadn’t even made an effort, you just know how to do Mediterranean chic. The little coloured notebooks are too lovely not to have at least three. Cambridge Imprint is one of our new suppliers and their attention to detail and colours are so good. Little books are £12 each, rickety pots are about £20 each.




These beautiful dark green bottles of hand wash are a luxury at £30 each but they make a change from Aesop and they smell old and gentlemanly in a really good way. Izola are known the world over for their candles in beautifully evocative scents, also available at the Mill for £30 each. The American company sells their products in all the best places so we are very happy to now stock this brand.




We were so excited to finally get Maileg mouses here at the Mill, how cute are these little things. You definitely don’t have to be small to love these folk, little linen shorts and stripey Breton tops they are the best dressed mice at the Mill. From £10 to £25 for a single mouse and a little more for sets or mice in boxes. They are flying out of the Mill so hurry they would make a perfect Easter gift.




I know you buy books because they are full of interesting stuff, but these books are also wrapped in beautiful stuff and they look so good together. Linen book covers are definitely the cover of choice this season!! and the books are great too, look, Morito our neighbours on Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell. We sell loads of really beautiful books here at the Mill, carefully selected for their beauty inside and out.




Ok this picture is just the best, it needs no explanation other than to say the cake stands are gorgeous. They have and are still being made in America from Milk Glass, expensive at £120 for the big one, but they are yum – especially with a cake on the top.




There is something so lovely about old linens and we have lots and lots of different sizes from table cloths to tea towels. They vary from £10 – £35 each and are all original French or Hungarian pieces. They make lovely guest towels, the bigger ones also make lovely screens to hang over windows or doors. Oh, you could also use them as tea towels or table cloths!!




Copper is still definitely our metal of choice, especially if it is old and shiny and in the form of a beautiful big pan. This is such a lovely pot, imagine this seasons marmalade bubbling away, or a big bowl of spicy curry brought to the table in this dazzling dish – £135.




I am always lured by little pots and bowls and containers, so we always have lots of them scattered around the Mill for sale. The tiny ones are only £5 and look so perfect with a single flower in. These bigger ones are around £15 each but they have that washed up on the beach feel and colour.




OK that’s enough excitement for one day, I hope you love some of these new things we have for sale here at the Mill, do call for more details or better still come and visit us.