vintage magazines

18th December 2014

By Zoe Parker

I was wandering around Spitalfields Market when I spotted these vintage copies of Homes & Gardens magazine from the 60’s, I thought they were so cool! and they’re twice as old as me!!

Seeing as I work in deVOL’s PR department I am super familiar with all of the interiors magazines, we receive them each month and love looking through to spot if deVOL has been featured. These particular vintage mags are Christmas ‘Food & Wine’ specials from December 1964 and 1966, Homes & Gardens still to this day release a Christmas supplement with their December issue each year! I remember reading through it this year, it was filled with lots of yummy recipe ideas for Christmas, but it definitely looked a lot different from these vintage ones!!

I actually really like the way these old copies look, I love how they aren’t printed on the glossy paper we’re used to these days, I love the retro colours and the graininess of the photography and how there’s a mixture of both colour and black & white images. I also thought a few of these would look pretty cool sat on our modern retro Air Kitchen!