Objects of Desire

9th May 2016

By Zoe Parker

Just a super quick blog today to show you a very special feature. Country Living Modern Rustic have picked our beautiful Sebastian Cox Pantry Cupboard as their Object of Desire for issue 05, so awesome!!


At the very beginning of the year I received an email from the design editor of Modern Rustic, she told me how everybody at the publication had fallen totally in love with this cupboard and asked if we wouldn’t mind lending it to them so they could shoot it for their upcoming issue. Of course we said yes! and now 6 months or so down the line, it’s been photographed and printed on a full page in the journal, and we think it looks just perfect. I love all of the photography in Modern Rustic, they just get it so spot on; their photos are beautifully moody and atmospheric, but they’ve still got that uncomplicated and authentic and effortless vibe, just dreamy. The team dressed our pantry cupboard, handmade from rough sawn English Beech and stained with an inky blue/black dye, with simple ceramic pots and porcelain storage jars by Sun Kim.


If you’re after a few ideas for your own home, or just love to collect beautiful books filled with beautiful things, I think you’ll love Country Living Modern Rustic. It’s the kind of journal you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf forever, whenever you’re feeling a little short of inspiration you’ll go back to it and get lost in all of its loveliness, you’ll want to read it again and again and again.

We stock issue 5 (and also have a few copies of the previous issues left… if you’re quick!!) at both our Cotes Mill and Clerkenwell, London showrooms. They are priced at £9.99 each.


– To find out more about these lovely journals, or to place an order for a copy online, just click here.

– For more information on The Sebastian Cox Kitchen by deVOL, please click here.