never trust a man who doesn’t like books

16th October 2017

By Helen Parker

 It’s nearly time to go home, but I just need to tell you how much cool and beautiful stuff we have had arriving at the Mill over the last few weeks. I’m going to try and show you things everyday this week but today it’s all about the books and cards.


No matter how many images you look at on Pinterest or Instagram it’s just not the same as having and holding a beautiful book, I love books, old ones, new ones, little ones, big ones. I just like to see them in my home, piled up on the floor or squashed onto shelves, they give a home a bit of character and I think if you visit a person and they have lots of books it means they are going to be nice people. ‘Never trust a man who doesn’t like books’ my Dad used to say and do you know what, I kind of think there is some truth in that.


I’m a little partial to cookery books, but I think everyone is, they just make you feel positive about the beautiful meals you are going to create for your family. It doesn’t really matter if you do or not it’s still a joy to settle down and read them. Here at Cotes Mill we have so many books, literally dozens, they all have beautiful covers, beautiful photographs and are just a delight to hold and what a great present they make. You can buy any book off Amazon, but it’s not the same, there is something special about flicking through the pages of a new book and then taking it home with you, I really hope we don’t lose this part of shopping completely. It’s all too easy to press click and have something delivered, but it’s not the same, no memories or tactile and visual desire, just an easy quick purchase that you may or may not like or really even want.


We have noticed over the past year particularly, we have customers who come back time after time for a greeting card or a book or a gift. That’s what we always wanted, a place that fulfils so many lovely needs, all under one roof. I’m so proud of the beautiful things we sell here and if I didn’t work here I would be popping in all the time, because it’s such a great place to shop, like nowhere else. No parking problems, no busy high street, just a chilled place, full to overflowing with unique and quirky and different things, perfect for every occasion.


We have so many cards it’s difficult to choose, so lots of customers just splash out and buy lots and keep them at home so they have every occasion covered. What a fab idea, always have a beautiful card ready and waiting and no need to resort to a corner shop or supermarket one, with a dodgy gold embossed sentiment!!


These ‘playing card’ greeting cards are so cute and little and all made from original vintage cards. Snoopy, who doesn’t love and remember this little guy, brightly coloured and full of simple fun.



Do pop into the Mill and take a look at all our new things, we have also had a big new vintage delivery with everything from huge tables to tiny pots, all old, all unusual and all things you would be happy to decorate your home with. We have some beautiful mirrors which are hard to come by, I will post up some more images this week to entice you even more.


Oh and don’t forget, we sell awesome kitchens too!!!