My antidote to rainy days – Portugal

20th July 2017

By Helen Parker

I love going away and finding a sunny place to chill out, I love eating local fresh food in local bars and wandering around markets and finding streets full of character and history. I love to find a little place for a coffee and pastry or a beer and watch the locals chattering away. I found the perfect place a few weeks ago when I went for a few days to Portugal.

I just love being away in the sunshine, somewhere not too fancy, simple and authentic and friendly with some character, a beautifully simple interior and a place to enjoy the sun. I like to be able to wander out and find winding streets and see the way the people of the town live.

I’m not fussed about smart or trendy, I’m not fussed about luxury but I do like to be able to see the sea, go to the beach and take a dip in a pool.

Well if you are of the same mind as me and you are feeling the need for a spot of sun, then do take a look at this little place to stay.

Olhao in the South of Portugal is a salty, soulful (and sometimes smelly!) working fishing town on the Eastern Algarve. Olhao is not quite 15 minutes by cab from Faro international airport.

 Olhao is thriving markets, a cobbled Arab medina, friendly barrios and a sauntering seafront where thousands of swifts greet each sunrise and dusky pink sunset. As the tides slide out, the seabed reveals herself as miles of gardens where a thousand generations of Olhanenses have dug for juicy clams.

The front door to Convento, no signs, just freshly painted and down a cobbled street.

The front door to Convento, no signs, just freshly painted and down a cobbled street.

Convento is a few light, white, airy bedrooms. 

A townhouse, a family home, a place to be yourself. 

Convento is a roof terrace to gaze over the sea and the white roofs of Olhão.

Two miradouros, a place to catch the soft sea breeze.

Convento is a hidden courtyard and a smiling fountain under the high southern sky. A pattern of hand made tiles in washed indigo, whitewashed bench, a place to read, and chat, and think.

Convento is our home, where you’re welcome to make yourself at home

– Visit the Covento website here.