Cotes Mill; a true winter wonderland

6th December 2016

By Collette Black

The Christmas countdown has begun, a strange combination of that warm festive feeling and the looming dread of the last minute present panic. This weekend me and my friends decided to embrace the holiday spirit and head to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park; a crazy mix of bright lights, fairground rides, cheesy songs and sickly sweet mulled wine. Overcrowded?, yes. Overpriced?, most definitely. But I do have to admit there’s something oddly charming about seeing a load of Brits joyously singing Sweet Caroline at the top of their lungs along with an Oompah band. Still, I couldn’t help leaving feeling a little queasy (and not just from the copious amounts of Nutella covered churros I ate). Is this what Christmas has become, a gimicky extension of Octoberfest with fairy lights?

This morning I came in to an email from our photographer Tim with all the latest pictures he’s taken around Cotes Mill. A world away from the tacky tourist trap, Cotes Mill has transformed into the most magical winter wonderland. Me and Zoe always love getting these emails, it’s so nice to have a little nosy around the Mill and see what’s going on (there’s always something going on!) But these new snaps made me feel so wonderfully Chritstmassy that I wanted to share some with you.


The first frost seems special somehow, a small teaser of the white Christmas you dream of as a kid, it still makes me feel a little giddy with excitement. I love the mix of the crisp white frost and golden winter sun. The light is so memorising, it completely transforms the landscape. A frosted fence becomes a piece of art and a misty morning is simply unforgettable.



The wildlife at Cotes Mill is just amazing, what started with just a few birds has now become an expanding collection of peacocks, guinea fowl, chickens, swans, doves, bunnies and even a beautiful family of fallow deer… not quite Rudolph, but pretty close!



It’s easy to get a bit carried away with all of the superficial baggage that comes with Christmas nowadays. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics and remember what’s so charming about this time of year. So thanks Cotes Mill and Tim and his amazing photography skills for reminding me why I love this beautiful festive season so much. What a magical time of year…



If you would like to visit us at Cotes Mill, please do! It’s an amazing place to explore and is sure to get you in the festive spirit. As well as our idyllic country grounds, we have four floors filled with the most beautiful kitchen inspiration, cool antiques and lots of really special and unique gifts.

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