300K Followers and a Secret Look Inside The Zetter Townhouse…

13th October 2019

By Collette Black

Wow, we can’t believe there are now over 300,000 of you lovely people on Instagram following along with this crazy, fun and totally wonderful journey. Behind every post there is a big team of deVOL folk making, painting and fitting the cupboards, designing the kitchens, organising everything, styling the rooms, taking the photos and making sure they look as good as possible. We are the lucky ones at the end who get to share them and chat to you and read all of your lovely messages. From zero followers to three hundred thousand it’s been our same little PR team, with a few additions along the way, and it is so amazing to see how this thing we decided to have a go at has grown into such a huge part of deVOL. Instagram isn’t everything, but it is pretty special to be able to connect with people all over the world, we have fans from New York to Tokyo and in almost every continent… we just need to get a deVOL Kitchen to Antarctica!!

The glorious Zetter Townhouse, just on the other side of the cobbles to our St. John’s Square showroom.


We have always made little milestone videos for Instagram – a handmade sign for 20K, spraying champagne outside the showroom, or ice skating at the Natural History Museum… that was a fun one, although as it turns out, we’re no Torvill and Dean. But 300K seems extra special so we decided to head over to the Zetter Townhouse, the coolest bar in Clerkenwell that just happens to be our neighbour. You’re not usually allowed to film or take pictures in this quirky cocktail lounge but the lovely folk at the Zetter made an exception for our 300K celebrations, so we thought we would give you a peek inside…

English Eccentricity at its very best. I once heard walking into the Zetter likened to visiting your wealthy nan’s extravagant London pad, it is quirky, cool and cosy all in the same breath and that is what makes it one of my favourite London hangouts.


A hotchpotch of kooky trinkets covers every surface like a lifetime of treasures collected from adventures all over the world.


The walls are a canvas of dabbled brushstrokes like some sort of impressionist painting. I might not be copying this technique in my own home but here it just adds to the artsy bohemian vibe of this fabulous Georgian townhouse.


Fine art adorns every wall, whilst plush fabrics, rich woods and glowing lamps create the most amazing cosy atmosphere – when the chilly weather sets in, it is the perfect escape.


Of course, when I say quirky I mean quirky. Exploring the Zetter, you will find cats in dresses, embellished dragon ornaments, coats of arms, even a kangaroo!!


There aren’t many places that could pull off elaborately carved pillars, a framed trout and patchwork chairs but the Zetter just feels completely authentic.


I love this spot, the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by… or admire our showroom, you can probably just see us from this squidgy red armchair!


Bold shades of heritage colours, red, green, yellow, blue, brown, purple – there’s no rules here, no matchy matchy, no playing it safe. If this is your nan’s front room, she is one cool lady.


I hope you enjoyed having a nosey around one of the best secret bars in London. Thank you so much from our little deVOL PR team Zoe, Jemima, Holly and me, Letty xxx


The Zetter Townhouse is open for coffee, afternoon tea and fabulous cocktails from 7am until 10pm to 1am, depending on the day. You can also stay in one of the incredible rooms upstairs, and yes, the decor is just as cool!

If you are in the area, please do pop in and see our beautiful townhouse showroom – 36 St. John’s Square, London EC1V 4JJ. 

Oh and if you’d like to check out our Instagram and follow along, you can find us here @devolkitchens.