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The Bum Stool

designed for bums, by bums, by deVOL

  • Awarded the prestigious Design Guild Mark in 2017 for excellence in British design.
  • The Bum Stool was designed and produced in-house by deVOL's product design team.
  • The shape of the stool pan was formed by sitting on slabs of wet clay, creating a natural impression which gives proper support all around and helps to distribute your weight evenly - making it the most comfortable wooden stool we have ever sat on!
  • The Bum Stool is available at table height and counter height and helps to maintain a healthy sitting posture for both situations.
  • The stool is machined from high quality British timbers; elm is traditionally used for seat pans because its interlocked grain is naturally resistant to splitting, whilst the oak legs provide a solid and very durable base.
  • Above all, deVOL's first stool is a beautifully simple and visually stunning piece of furniture; the natural figure of the timber really complements the contours and shape of the design.
  • For more information or if you would like to place an order, please contact our designers at or call us on 212 210 6269.


The Bum Stool (Tall)

w 14 34’’    h 27 18’’    d 14 34’’


The Bum Stool (Short)

w 14 34’’    h 20 12’’    d 13 58"


Just over a year ago, the deVOL design team started working on some ideas for a new stool and chair. The stool in particular has been really important for deVOL, it’s something that we really wanted to be able to offer our kitchen customers; a beautifully simple, comfy, stylish stool at a sensible price, designed in England. Paul and our product designers, Huw and Michael, took the lead on this project, with invaluable input from Robin and, of course, Ben Creed. They are a pretty special bunch and there probably aren’t many better teams to have tackled this age-old challenge.
The unique shape of this seat is not something that was carefully designed to look a certain way; it's a shape that our bodies - more specifically, bums - formed naturally just by sitting on wet slabs of clay. Right from the start of this project, we knew that we wanted to create a stool that was all about comfort and so, for most of the design process, we did our best to avoid compromising this by imposing any stylistic or material restraints along the way. What we have ended up with is a surprisingly comfortable stool - probably the most comfortable wooden stool that we have ever sat on! The Bum Stool supports a healthy sitting posture by giving proper support all around your bum and helping to distribute your weight evenly. It also remains a simple and visually stunning piece of furniture, machined from high quality British elm and oak; the deep bowling of the seat pan is perfectly complemented by the natural figure of the timber. Our customers are already in love with the design, we have so many orders our head is spinning - in a good way - and we were even awarded a prestigious Design Guild Mark award for the range!

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