An Overseas Guide by deVOL – Part Two

6th July 2018

By Holly Bishop

You may have seen my previous post about sending deVOL Kitchens overseas, click here to have a look! It’s definitely worth a read if you’re based outside of the UK and would like to know how we go about designing and sending your dream kitchen to your door even if you live thousands of miles away from us.

This blog is about all of the other things we make and sell here at deVOL that can be sent to places around the world. We get lots of questions about this and so I just thought it could be quite useful to have it all in one neat little place for you to come back to whenever you like.

Classic Millhouse

Our Classic English Millhouse at Cotes Mill



First up, hardware! Our handcrafted knobs and handles can be sent anywhere in the world.

We are lucky enough to have a whole team in the metal studio at Cotes Mill, they are always up to something new and exciting… and are always super busy making sandcasted knobs and handles for this collection. Sand casting allows us to create slightly different knobs and handles every time, the look of the hardware is different depending on how many little grains of sand you sprinkle inside the moulds. We love that we can offer this service to our customers and they can have one of a kind products, it makes sense that all the little extras should be just as special as the kitchens we make.

You can view the collection here.


Our Aged Brass Classic Cup Handles, all made by hand by Steph



One of the latest extras to come out of our metal workshop at Cotes Mill is our Hanging Rail, the perfect accessory in any home. Ready to be sent overseas, they’re beautiful and so practical – we’ve seen them as a rail for pots, tea towels, mugs and jugs, and we’ve even used one for a few hanging plants in the Millhouse. Our hanging rails come in a beautiful Aged Brass finish, aged by hand by our metal team to get a really lovely mottled patina. They are then sealed with a thin coat of wax to protect the finish.

We now also make really handy ‘S’ Hooks to go alongside the rails! These look so lovely with the rails and are available in an Aged Brass or a Blackened Oxidised Brass finish.

Click here to be taken to the Hanging Rail and ‘S’ Hook page of our website.


Our Aged Brass Hanging Rails in the St. John’s Townhouse Kitchen



These beautiful shelf brackets are sand cast and aged in-house to achieve a lovely mottled look. Available in an Aged Brass or Oxidised Brass finish, these brackets add a touch of vintage glam to any room and are perfect if you’re hoping to update a shelf without changing the whole thing. We really love how they look in our scullery in the Millhouse, supporting a cool slab of Carrara marble.

The brackets are 185 x 155 x38 mm, click here to check them out.

Our Aged Brass Shelf Brackets looking lovely in the Millhouse Scullery

Our Aged Brass Shelf Brackets looking lovely in the Millhouse Scullery



We have always recommended Perrin and Rowe taps to our customers, they’re beautiful in design and totally reliable and of the best quality. We decided to partner up with the iconic brand to bring you four of their styles in a beautiful aged brass finish that is exclusive to deVOL. It’s wonderful to see how popular these taps are and we love seeing them in our customers’ homes.


This is our Ionian tap, made in collaboration with Perrin and Rowe

We have US compatible versions of this tap, but it is worth noting that for anywhere else in the world we will supply the UK specification. Many of our customers ordering in Europe haven’t been affected by this and don’t need to do anything to make their taps compatible with their plumbing. However, if it turns out that you do, your local plumber should easily be able to modify it slightly for a small cost.

Click here to be taken to our aged brass taps.


The Mayan Taps in our exclusive aged brass finish, made in collaboration with Perrin and Rowe



You may have seen our Crackle Pendant Lights hanging in our showrooms, either in person or on social media. Our amazing ceramicist, Claire, makes them and each one is beautifully unique and wobbly and crackled, a truly special piece to have in your home. They have been so popular since we launched them that we just had to offer them internationally!

Pendant Light

One of our lovely Crackle Pendants

Our Crackle Pendants come in two size options, small and large. The large is approximately 300mm in diameter and 150mm tall while the smaller is 240mm in diameter and 120mm tall. They come with the highest quality twisted black fabric flex cord and metal collar in either antiqued brass or aged bronze and come with a matching ceiling rose.

Click here to have a look at our Crackle Pendants and you can even watch a video to find out exactly how Claire makes them.

Millhouse -DSC_9291-HDR

One of our Crackle Pendants hanging happily in our Shaker Millhouse Kitchen at Cotes Mill



Kat, another member of our wonderful ceramics team at deVOL, has been working on a collection of lovely porcelain pendants for a while and we’re so pleased to be able to offer the final collection to our customers based around the world. Each pendant is delicate and elegant and just the perfect accessory in any room.

Our Porcelain Pendant lights are available in 14 designs, varying in shape, size and texture – from chattered to plain and even pleated! They come with the highest quality white fabric flex cord, antiqued brass fitting and matching ceiling rose.

Click here to have a little look at the full collection!

haberdashers kitchen

Some of Kat’s Porcelain Pendants on display in our Haberdasher’s Kitchen



Some pieces from our wooden accessories collection are too fragile to send overseas but we do have a few that can be delivered to anywhere around the world. All of our wooden Home Accessories are handmade to order in our workshops in Leicestershire using the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship.

Firstly, our Laundry Maids. We have designed a contemporary version of the traditional piece, using ash for the slats, brushed aluminum arcs and jute cord for the pulley system. They are such a lovely and practical addition to any home, how nice to take things back to basics and let the fresh air dry your clothes – and it’s more economical too!!

Next is our Clothes Horse, it is made from strong lacquered cedar wood and is joined in the traditional way with woven fabric hinges and aged bronze studs.

Click here to find out a little more about our laundry pieces.



We love being able to offer our customers a range of handmade accessories, from the bits we mentioned above to bigger pieces like stools and chairs. Our Bum Stools came first, formed by sitting in wet slabs of clay and creating a super comfy seat! Next came the Bum Chair, the same principle but with a supportive backrest. Our Bum range is so popular with our customers and was even awarded the prestigious Design Guild Mark in 2017 for excellence in British Design!!

We also have the fabulous Helen’s Stool! It was designed and produced in-house by deVOL’s product design team, led by our Creative Director, Helen Parker. This stool is so simple and totally timeless, we love seeing it in our customers’ homes.

Cheshire Townhouse

Designed for bums, by bums

We also have the fabulous Helen’s Stool! It was designed and produced in-house by deVOL’s product design team, led by our Creative Director, Helen Parker. This stool is so simple and totally timeless, we love seeing it in our customers’ homes.


Helen’s Stool is small and subtle and beautifully classic in design

We have recently added two new stools to our handmade seating collection.

Firstly, the Creedy Stool. It was named after our amazing Product Development Manager, Ben Creed, who whipped up the perfect design in a matter of days. It’s unlike our other stools, it has a thin steel frame and only three legs! I really love this design, especially the dark English walnut seat top.

creedy stool

Two Creedy Stools in our lovely Millhouse Shaker Kitchen

We also have the Plumber’s Stool. This design was inspired by a set of vintage stacking school chairs that we spotted in the Frome Kitchen a few years ago… We just knew we had to create this look and add a stacking stool to our collection!

The Plumber's Stool is the latest addition to our handmade seating collection

The Plumber’s Stool is the latest addition to our handmade seating collection

These stools can be shipped worldwide so please do get in touch with our enquiries team if you would like to place an order or have any questions at all. They will also very happy to provide you with a quote for delivery to your home.

Click here to be taken to the seating section of our website.


Both collections of tiles, our Emerald Green version and the Crackle Metro, can be shipped to your home, wherever you are. These tiles are all handmade in our ceramics studio at Cotes Mill by Claire, they really are so special.

Our Emerald Green London Tiles are such a cool statement to any space, they are designed to be large and striking, while our Crackle Metro Tiles are more classic in style. They have the same crackly finish as our Crackle Pendants, just a little twist on the iconic subway and metro tile we see in so many kitchens.

Click here to learn more about our Emerald Green Tiles and here for our Crackle Metro Tiles.


I do hope this was helpful but as always, if you have any questions at all, drop us an email. If you are based in the US, please email our US enquiries team at For anywhere else, please email our main enquiries team at